Walking Dead Webisode: Hide And Seek – Review of S3E1


Here is my review of the first episode from the second series of The Walking Dead webisodes series “Cold Storage” titled Hide and Seek.



This webisode series started off on a really fast pace.

Opening with Chase unconscious showed a real sense of vulnerability for his character.  Then introducing Harris as the bad ass type guy that probably cleaned house and saved him was a nice touch.  However, it was pretty interested when the roles were reversed and the aggressiveness of Harris wanting to check out the self storage area resulted in his being engulfed in walkers and endangering the life of Chase.

Chase from Cold Storage – Hide and Seek out on the street near the self storage unit.

The frantic searching for lockers to open and hide in for Chase was fun.  When Chase was being chased (I wonder if that was done on purpose), he was seeming moving quickly, but not quickly enough to outrun the shambling walkers.  As fans of the show and webisodes know, walkers and zombies on The Walking Dead are not the fast moving type, and although Chase wasn’t 100%, he still should have been able to outrun any walkers that he came across.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this episode was the poster looking for the lost children.  This looks to be the point that the webisode could feature going forward.  It’s kind of strange how the webisodes seem to focus on the younger survivors, but then again I can see how using the kids to help evoke stronger emotional feelings can be a real benefit to the series.

The identity of Chase’s savior at the storage unit should be revealed in the next episode.  It will be interesting to see who this person is, what they will want from Chase and how they will get along in the future.  Maybe the savior is the same person who is looking for the young children.  That would help tie the two storylines together fairly well.

All in all, Hide and Seek was a great start to the second series of webisodes and already has me hooked on it.  I look forward to watching the rest of them in the near future.