Walking Dead Webisode: Keys To The Kingdom – Recap of S3E2


Here is the recap of the second installment in the second series of The Walking Dead webisodes.  This is season 3 episode 2 of Cold Storage and is titled “Keys to the Kingdom”.



This episode picks up right where episode 1 left off.  You can hear the man on the other side of the sliding garage door from chase readying his weapon as he orders Chase to show his hands.  He does as he is told and puts his hands out the bottom of the open door.  The man with the gun then instructs Chase to exit the storage unit.

Chase slides on his belly through the pools of blood on the floor from the executed walkers and exits the unit.  A man wearing a vest is pointing a gun directly at Chase as he gets to his feet.  The man with the gun asks if he is bit, and the Chase says that he is not.  The man with the gun says that if he is lying that he will regret it.

After thanking the man for saving him, Chase says that the man can’t just leave him back out there.  The man says that he’s the man with the gun, so he can do what he wants.  He then kicks the crowbar on the ground over to Chase and tells him to follow.

Then, Chase begins begging the man to give him a fighting chance.  He suggests that a truck would help him keep moving and help him survive.  The man refuses and Chase says that he can help the man in exchange for a truck.  After discussing the power situation in the storage unit, Chase says that he will do a hand reset and a backup of the generators to get all three going again.  The man agrees to the deal and walks with Chase through a doorway.  While they walk down the hall, the man talks about all the things in the storage units.  They discuss the adult films, pinball machines and other items in storage.

Chase and BJ from webisode series Cold Storage – episode Keys to the Kingdom.

Chase asks where the rest of the man’s crew is.  He explains that most of them either got away or ran away.  The man then says that he has worked at this storage facility for 12 years and finally got the keys to the kingdom.  He also says good things come to those who wait.

The man opens a storage unit formerly owned by a police officer and tells him to put on some of the clothes in there.  Then, he directs Chase to the bathrooms, which he says are disgusting.  The man then introduces himself as BJ and says that he’ll meet Chase downstairs.

Flipping through some photos of the policeman, Chase gets lost in how life used to be before the outbreak and actually smiles for a minute.  As he picks out a shirt, he hears banging from one of the storage units.  The camera focuses on unit #326 and Keys to the Kingdom fades to black to end the episode.