Walking Dead Webisode: Keys To The Kingdom – Review of S3E2


Here is my review of the second episode from the second series of The Walking Dead webisodes series “Cold Storage” titled Keys to the Kingdom.



This episode was fun for a lot of reasons.  Even though not a whole lot seemed to happen to advance the story, we got a few glimpses into what will happen and what the current characters have in store for them.

In continuing with the awkward naming, I found humor in the fact that the man that worked at the storage unit is named BJ.  Not only because of the sexual humor behind the name but because he rambles on and on about the adult films that are currently being stored in the units there.  When you add that to Chase, who was being chased by walkers in episode 1, it does seem rather humorous.

Chase from Keys to the Kingdom, an episode of the Cold Storage webisodes.

I also thought it was kind of odd to hear the title of the episode as dialogue from a character.  I understand that the naming probably took place after the episode was written, but it still feels tacky and out of place in a serious show.

The thing about this webisode that will most likely appeal to most people is the storage unit that was formerly owned by a police officer.  As soon as this was mentioned, I’m guessing that most people assumed that the unit would be the property of Rick Grimes.  The family photos help make things seem more personal, yet help distance the world then from today’s world filled with walkers.

It is odd that all these webisodes seem to be focused on the area around King County where the Grimes family originate.  It would be cool to see what happened in other areas of the world that had an impact on the current survivors of The Walking Dead, but I understand that they want to stay somewhat close to the story that many folks are used to.  Perhaps we’ll learn more about other areas when the spinoff for The Walking Dead airs.

Overall though, Keys to the Kingdom built up the locker with the banging coming from inside.  What is in that locker?  And why is it so important to the story?  We’ll find out more in the next episode.