Season 5 Of The Walking Dead To Involve A Sonogram?


The Walking Dead always seems to shock and surprise people.  However, some of the surprises are not always new to readers of the comics books.

One of these surprises might have been mildly ruined by the folks at The Spoiling Dead Fans today with a post that could reveal a major plot point for upcoming episodes of the hit AMC show.


Here is a copy of the text from the facebook group post from The Spoiling Dead’s page:

"Apparently there is a “popular AMC show” that is currently being filmed and are in need of an “old model sonogram machine”. While they do not state which show it’s for, they do state “around Atlanta” and they will rent the machine for the days needed during the episode filming.A hospital, army tents and now a sonogram machine? Maggie anyone? More as we get it."

Glenn and Maggie from The Walking Dead in a promotional photo shoot.

Currently, The Walking Dead is filming down in Georgia and has already been linked to filming at a hospital in the area around Atlanta.  There is a strong likelihood that this sonogram machine would be something that would be used for The Walking Dead during season 5.

If the show continues to follow along with the comic books, this means that Maggie could currently be carrying Glenn’s child.  If this is true, it could be a big turning point for both her character and the series.  The last major pregnancy angle on The Walking Dead involved Lori Grimes and her affairs with Shane Walsh.

However, this angle could be made even more intriguing by the rumors that Glenn will meet his doom in season 5.  Maggie would then be an expecting single mother who recently lost both her father and her husband in gruesome ways.

What do you think?  Is the sonogram machine for The Walking Dead?  If so, will the show choose Maggie to be pregnant?  And how would she deal with the losses of her family while expecting a child?

Lots of huge questions to be answered during season 5 of The Walking Dead.