Walking Dead Webisode: The Chosen Ones – Recap of S3E3


Here is the recap of the third installment in the second series of The Walking Dead webisodes.  This is season 3 episode 2 of Cold Storage and is titled “The Chosen Ones”.



The Chosen Ones opens with security footage of the storage units.   The outside camera shows a survivor trying to escape a horde of walkers.  BJ laughs in his chair, amused by watching this human being captured and devoured by the shambling predators.

BJ with a drink while watching security footage in Cold Storage webisode The Chosen Ones

Now wearing some of the clothes from the policeman’s storage unit, Chase enters the room.  He knocks on the door while BJ is still laughing heartily at the security footage.  BJ tells chase that he’s watching the footage from customers last week trying to get to their storage units.

Optimistically, Chase tells BJ that heard about China having a handle on the walker outbreak.  Replying sarcastically, BJ tells chase to let him know how that turns out.  Then, he and chase clink their shot glasses full of alcohol.  BJ shoots his right away while Chase holds onto his.

Chase is asked by BJ where he is headed.  He replies that he is headed to Cynthiana to see his little sister.  He had received a text from her 4 days ago and believes she is still alive.  BJ says that 4 days might as well be four years.  Chase explains that she is with a group and is most likely okay.  His sister’s group has a caravan and is headed for D.C.

Then, Chase offers to let BJ come along to join the caravan at Cynthiana.  BJ says there’s no point and shows him the footage of the walkers outside the unit swarming and devouring a customer.  Instead, BJ tells Chase that he should be celebrating that they are the chosen ones in this apocalypse because they get to sit and watch the whole thing go down.  He goes on to say that he is humbled to be part of it and takes another shot of alcohol.

The focus on the conversation then focuses back to the truck.  Chase goes upstairs to the generator and cautiously approaches it with a flashlight and a crowbar in hand.  He opens the cage where the breaker box is, but doesn’t close the fence behind him.  When the switch is flipped to power on the generator, a walker begins to approach Chase from behind.  As Chase is working on the switches, the power is flashing and the walker is getting nearer.  We hear a hiss from the walker in the darkness and during the next flash we see the crowbar has been used to down the walker and is stuck in its head.

Chase makes his way back to BJ with a cart full of dead walkers.  BJ apologizes for Lenny, who was one of the walkers he downed.  Lenny was a former employee at the storage unit before this all went down.  The camera focuses on the wall of employees and showed Lenny’s photo among others.  Chase asks about one of the photos on the wall.  It is a girl named Kelly who BJ says called in sick the day this all went down.

Chase looking at the employee photos in Cold Storage webisode The Chosen Ones.

After completing his task for the generators, Chase asks BJ for the keys to the truck so he can hit the road.  BJ says okay and asks Chase to dump the dead walkers outside the unit while he makes them a burger.  Chase looks down into the pile of dead bodies in the dumpster and looks back up at BJ.  BJ then tells Chase to say hello to his sister for him and shoots him, dropping him into the dumpster.

BJ then closes the door to the storage unit and the screen fades to black, bringing The Chosen Ones to an end.