Walking Dead Webisode: Parting Shots – Recap of S3E4


Here is the recap of episode 4 from The Walking Dead webisode series Cold Storage.  It is titled  “Parting Shots”.



Parting Shots opens on the dumpster that Chase fell into after being shot.  Chase is laying on a pile of motionless walkers with flies buzzing all around them.  He begins to move his jaw as he regains consciousness.  Chase begins to cough as he turns to his side.  There is a large wound on the side of his head where the bullet seemed to have grazed his skull.  Blood had dripped down his head and cheek all the way down to his chest.

Pulling himself out of the dumpster, Chase falls to the ground with a thud.  He gets up and looks around, but sees no sign of life (or afterlife).  He turns the corner back to where his friend Harris was attacked.  He looked up and saw Harris, who was now a walker, coming at him from a moderate distance.  Chase picked up a cinder block from the ground and smashed Harris’ head in, dropping his body to the ground.  He smashed his head one more time as Harris hissed, causing the walker to become motionless.

Looking around, Chase picked up a machete and continued toward the entrance to the storage unit.  He stopped and hacked the padlock off a side door and entered the facility.  He was in the room with the screens where BJ had watched everything on the surveillance screens.  Chase goes over to the peg board and searches for a certain set of keys and grabs them.

Kelly restrained on the bed from Cold Storage episode titled Parting Shots.

Chase looks back at the monitors just in time to see BJ leaving a storage unit while putting his shirt back on.  Chase picked up BJ’s rifle and made his way to storage #326 that he heard the banging from earlier.  He opened the door and found a bed covered in red curtains with a woman on the bed in restraints.

She looked up through her unkempt hair and pleaded loudly for Chase not to kill her.  Chase explains that he’s not with BJ and he isn’t going to hurt her.  He says that he’s there to help and get her out of there.  She asks Chase if he killed BJ, and he says no.  She goes off, saying that if he didn’t, then he isn’t her friend.  Chase continues to undo the restraints while she explains that BJ shot everyone to take over the units.

The scene switches to BJ in his office.  He is loading his revolver.  BJ walks over to the PA system and addresses Chase by telling him to drop the gun.  He also says he’ll kill Chase for good this time and that no “broad” is worth dying for.  Chase and the woman make their way down a set of stairs and BJ leaves his office to pursue them with the revolver in his hands.

Chase and the woman run through corridors before taking and elevator.  They open the gate to the elevator and begin to run toward the exit.  BJ cuts them off and tells Chase that whatever the woman told him is a lie.  He claims that he saved her life on more than one occasion.

BJ and Kelly from Cold Storage webisode Parting Shots.

Matter of factly, Chase tells BJ that he believes him, but it is time to let the woman go.  She begs BJ to let him go.  BJ starts rambling on about where they would go and if they’re going to Cynthiana to meet up with Chase’s sister.  BJ goes on to tell Kelly that she wouldn’t stand 5 minutes with Chase because he’s worse than Lenny was.  BJ then yells at Chase to tell Kelly what it is like out there.  He says that she doesn’t know what it’s like out there because he’s been protecting her the whole time.  He says that it is hell on Earth.

Kelly replies that she’ll take her chances, but BJ says that it won’t happen in his truck. BJ goes on and tells Chase to leave but have the girl stay with him, where she belongs.

The tension grew tighter as Kelly stood there with the machete and began to yell for Chase to shoot him.  BJ loses his cool and orders Chase to leave and says some very unflattering things about Kelly.  Chase apologizes to Kelly, saying that he can’t do it.  Kelly offers herself to Chase, telling him that he can have her.  She runs behind BJ as he remained locked on to Chase with the barrel of his gun.

The camera switches to the security screens and then back to outside.  Kelly runs to the truck and starts it.  It is revealed that Chase is in the passenger seat.  Through the window of the truck, you can see walkers devouring a body.  The truck drives away and walkers infest the storage units.

BJ’s head is laying on a table and the screen fades to black.