The Walking Dead Featured On Jeopardy!


It looks like the craze of The Walking Dead just continues on.  This time, it was the hit game show Jeopardy! that took to the fantastic zombie show with a question about a legend in the horror industry.

It happened on Thursday, June 12th.  The three super smart contestants battled it out until the end.  However, the Final Jeopardy question was a bit more than one of the contestants could handle.  Here is the question:

Final Jeopardy question about The Walking Dead and George Romero

Even if you’re not a fan of The Walking Dead, it would be easy to connect the dots on this one.  George Romero is a legend in the zombie genre.  With such mega hits as Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and the rest of the “of the Dead” series, fans of horror should be well aware of his accomplishments and huge success.

However, not everyone could put the two things together.  One contestant totally missed the mark.

An incorrect answer on Jeopardy about The Walking Dead

I was shocked to see one contestant couldn’t have been much further from the correct answer.  Instead of choosing something from the correct genre or even a regular TV show, he opted to go with a “reality” show.  His answer of The Bachelor probably made the neighbors think that I was having a tickle party over here or something.  Hilarious.

Correct answer from Jeopardy! on a question about The Walking Dead and George Romero.

The other two contestants went on to correctly answer the question, but after that earlier answer, the others didn’t seem to matter as much.  I expected the three contestants to smile and laugh at the ease of this question, but I guess that not everyone is as into the horror genre and The Walking Dead as I am.

I hope that The Walking Dead can continue to gain popularity and be featured more on shows like this.  It is such a fantastic show and deserves all the exposure it can get.  Plus, it will help people to tell the difference between The Walking Dead and The Bachelor.