Walking Dead Webisode: Alone – Recap of S4E1


Here is the recap of episode 1 from The Walking Dead webisode series The Oath.  It is titled  “Alone”.



The episode opens with a blond woman screaming while light flickering from a fire illuminates her face.  The camera shifts to a makeshift campground with tents that has been overrun by walkers.  Smoke from the campfire hides a lot of the screen, but we can see walkers gnawing on downed campers while others shamble about looking for more prey.

The focus shifts back to the woman.  She’s holding a motionless body in her hands.  The neck of the person is covered in blood.  She continues sobbing.  She is rocking back and forth while crying.  A walker notices her and hisses, then begins to move toward her.  A voice from off the screen yells “Karina!”.

A man with a large knife seemingly appears out of nowhere and takes out the walker before it can attack her. He grabs her arm and tries to take her away from the camp, but she refuses and clutches even more tightly to the bloody body in her arms.  He finally convinces her to let him go, and they begin to escape from the campsite.  As soon as the bloody body is placed on the ground, it reanimates as a walker and begins to sit up.

The walker sits up from the webisode Alone from The Oath

The man, now known as Paul and Karina continue to run from the campsite.  Karina is still freaking out, crying that everyone is gone.  Paul reminds Karina of the oath that she took when she joined the group.  She says “One Lives, All Live”. They continue moving, but Paul notices a bloody mark on his side and checks it out before moving with Karina.

Daytime has hit and Paul and Karina have made their way to a paved road.  They find a downed person with a pistol next to them.  Paul picks up the gun and tucks it into the back of his pants.  Paul starts to investigate the cars for keys and supplies while Karina instead focuses on the downed people that have been torn to shreds.

Paul pops the trunk of a car and finds several bags full of supplies and a map.  Karina pulled a pair of keys from a corpse’s pocket.  She tells Paul that she got them and Paul smiles wide.  They search the car for supplies and find a first aid kit.  They open it, and it is empty.  The wound on Paul’s side is getting worse.  It has become dark and is bleeding a lot more.  Karina notices it and asks Paul about it.

He explains that it isn’t from a walker attack, but instead from the glass on his truck when he had to escape from it.  Paul then distracts Karina from the wound by showing her the map he found in the bag.  The map has all the medical stations marked off as infected.  As they look at the map, Paul gets really weak and almost faints.  Karina grabs him before he can hit the ground and lets him use her for support.  He then asks her how fast she can drive, and she says that she will get him there.

An overrun medical center from The Oath webisode Alone

The scene shifts again to the two in the car.  Karina is driving and following the map closely.  Paul lays in the back seat resting.  They pull up to a medical facility, only to find it infested by walkers.  Frustrated, Karina pulls her car out of there and begins travelling to the next spot on the map.  She tells Paul to hang in there and continues driving.

She pulls up to a chain linked fence.  “Over Run” is written on a piece of cardboard strapped to the fence.  She checks on Paul, who is losing his fight with consciousness in the back seat and speeds toward the next stop.

They arrive at the next med station.  It appears to be clear, but is barricaded closed by a bunch of drawers and wheelchairs.  Karina clears the debris from the entrance and pushes Paul into the medical center in a wheelchair.  Once inside, the lights flicker and Karina looks for signs of life.  She entered a supply closet and dug for anything that can help.

Holding her gun in one hand, she looks back at Paul in the wheelchair.  He is now motionless.  She hears a loud thud and pulls him into the supply closet with her.  Just as a she got to the door to close it, a walker got his arm and head in the doorway.  She fought it for a little bit before the walker overpowered her and threw her to the ground.  Laying on her back, she aimed her gun at the walker and pulled the trigger.

The bullet struck the walker in the shoulder and jolted it backwards.  With a hiss, the walker closed in on Karina.  She kept pulling the trigger on the gun, but heard only clicks.

The screen fades to black and “Alone” comes to an end.