Walking Dead Webisode: Choice – Recap of S4E2


Here is the recap of episode 2 from The Walking Dead webisode series The Oath.  It is titled  “Choice”.



Gale eliminates a zombie as it closes in on Karina in “The Oath” webisode Choice.

Choice picks up right where the last episode ended.  Karina is defending Paul from a walker that had enters the closet in the medical facility.  She aims her empty weapon at the walker anyway.  Just then a brown haired woman popped around the corner and stabbed the walker through the top of its head.  The walker dropped to the ground.

The two ladies stare each other down for a moment before Karina asks the other woman if she is a doctor.  She introduces herself as Dr. Macones, or Gale.  Gale helps Karina to her feet and then looks over at Paul, who is still slouched in the wheelchair near the corner of the supply closet.

The screen fades out and back in, focusing on Gale tending to Paul’s wounds while Karina stands near the hospital bed.  Gale is explaining to Karina how she holds down the medical center.  Karina thanks her for saving them in the closet.  Gale tells her that Paul didn’t rupture any major organs.

Paul’s arms are strapped to the bed.  Karina notices this and gives Gale a weird looks.  Gale explains that it is just a precaution because of how dangerous the walkers can be and time for the people to turn after death varies so much.  She also goes on to say that her resources are limited and that she cannot guarantee that Paul will make it, but that he could recover.  Gale exits the room as Karina moves to Paul and puts her hand on his.

Karina leaves the room and finds Gale leaning against the wall.  Karina starts to tell her about what happened at the camp.  She goes on about how it got overran and Paul and her are the only survivors.  She tells Gale about finding the car and and checking all the medical stations before finally coming up to this one.  Karina says it was the only one that wasn’t overrun.

Gale explains that it had been overrun.  Supplies stopped coming.  People starting breaking in to get items.  Walkers filed in at times.  She explains that people she just helped became walkers and starting getting up to attack people.  When she hid downstairs with a young lady, the hospital was attacked by a group that abducted her companion and left her and that the walkers are nowhere near the worst thing to happen to the hospital.

Karina explains that she calls the walkers “DK’s” as a cute way of saying decays.  Like, things that have been dead for so long that they decompose.  Gale thinks that is cute.  Karina puts her hands on Gale’s and lets her take comfort in not being the only one at the medial center anymore.As the two begin to walk back toward Paul’s room, Karina looks back and sees a door that is barred shut with a slab of wood through the handles.

Paul laying on the hospital bed in Choices from The Walking Dead webisode series “The Oath”

The two ladies arrive back at Paul’s bedside.  Gale checks his pulse and says that Paul’s body is shutting down and she can barely feel his pulse.  Gale says she has to take him now or he will turn.  Karina pleads for her not to do it but Gale says that she should remember him the way he was.  Gale rolls the bed out of the room and down the hall.  She removes the piece of wood and pushes him through the double doors.  The doors closed behind the bed and she placed the wood back to bar the doors once more.

Scenery changes to the other side of the door.  We see Paul becoming conscious on the bed while quite a few walkers are shambling around him.  He struggles to get himself out of the restraints.

Choices fades to black and the episode ends.