Walking Dead Webisode: Bond – Recap of S4E3


Here is the recap of episode 3 from The Walking Dead webisode series The Oath.  It is titled  “Bond”.



“Bond” opens with Karina talking to Gale about the time she shot a little girl in the woods, thinking that she was a walker.  Karina continued to tell the story as she watched a walker shamble outside the window.  She went on the explain that she ran from the woman’s body as she was choking up blood.

Karina says that she knew she would be the last survivor of their group at the campgrounds.  She sees it as a punishment for what she has done.  She then recited the oath “One Lives, All Live”.  She says that it is great in theory, but not realistic at all.  Sure, she’ll remember all her friends, but also remember watching them die brutal deaths.  Karina then contemplates shooting herself in the head.  Instead, Gale offers a different solution.

The screen fades to black and we now see Paul strapped to the bed with the walkers closing in on him.  He flips the bed on its side and quickly frees a hand to undo the straps.  Paul then runs to the barred off double doors and slams his shoulder against it in an attempt to get back to the wing with Karina.  Realizing that this won’t work, he grabs a chair and smashes it into a walker’s head.  The walker fell to the ground, but so did Paul because of the pain from his wound.

The scenery changes back to the hospital room where Gale has a tray with some vials of liquid in them.  Gale says she injected the woman in the closet with her during the earlier raid with it, giving her a choice.  Meanwhile, Paul is still fighting walkers.  He’s bashing them in the head with a fire extinguisher one at a time while taking a moment to bang on the double doors again.  Gale is seen preparing a needle with the fluid from the vials.  She offers to inject Karina with the liquid that would end her life.  Karina agrees.

Paul is still fighting for his life on the other side of the doors. He spots a gun on the body of a downed police officer and picks it up.  He fires it into the head of one of the walkers.  He fires off a few more rounds before he notices that there are just too many of them.  He takes a big running start and smashes his way through the double doors and hits the ground hard.  He slides some of the broken board back in the door to secure it.  He yells for Karina as he makes his way down the long hallway.

Gale preparing to inject Karina in The Walking Dead webisode Bond from the series The Oath

Gale is stroking Karina’s head while she lays in the bed.  Paul enters the room and Karina looks at him and smiles.  Then, her head drops and her body becomes motionless.  Paul looks at them both confused and rushes to Karina’s side.  Astounded that Paul is still alive, Gale explains to Paul that she decided that she didn’t want to live anymore.  She continued to tell Paul that Karina made the choice to end her life and that she actually did her a favor.

Apologizing, Gale begins to tear up in her passionate speech to Paul.  Paul instead begins to seemingly get an itchy trigger finger.  He raises his gun and points it at Gale’s head.  She walks toward him, saying that now the choice is his to make about her life and how you can’t murder someone who wants to die.

Paul spray painting the double doors from The Walking Dead webisode series The Oath episode Bond

The scene shifts to Paul spray painting the double doors and then outside opening the trunk of his car.  He takes out a chain and secures the double doors in the hospital wing.  Then, he returns to Karina’s bedside and watches over her transformation into a walker as she is strapped to the bed.

Paul is then seen spray painting the iconic words “Don’t Open – Dead Inside” on the double doors and returns once again to Karina’s side.  With a pair of pliers, he started removing all her teeth and placing her in a straight jacket and leading her toward his car.

The Oath then fades to black and the series has ended.