Walking Dead Showrunner Scott Gimple Hates Spoilers


I love reading interviews from the creators of the hit television series “The Walking Dead”.  Not only are the informative, but they can be extremely fun.  The Collider spoke with The Waling Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple about the upcoming season and the future of the show.

Here is what he had to say about season 5 in relation to the comic book series:

"It’s funny – back in the day when I started season two, I was all ‘We must hem to the comic’ and Kirkman was like ‘Well – let’s have some fun. I’ve done this all before.’ I certainly won’t abandon iconic things from the comic. I definitely want to stick to the comic as much as possible but that’s also impossible with Daryl Dixon and characters that are alive but dead in the comic. There’s a butterfly effect. But that’s actually an incredibly fun part of the [show]. I would say that even the inventions we have on the show are inspired by the comic."

Scott Gimple then went on to compare season 4 of The Walking Dead to season 5:

"It’s not mirroring it completely… The challenge of the show is every eight episodes, it’s a whole new show. I will say that there may be some slightly familiar structural turns. But for the most  part, it is going to be brand new versions of the comic story."

Most interestingly though, Gimple talked about the conclusion of The Walking Dead comic book series.

"I actually don’t like spoiling myself on the comic. I read it as I go. Robert’s offered to tell me the whole thing so I get general aspects of it. I know the emotional end game of the show but there’s practical aspects, I want to keep with the comic. With these characters, you definitely have to think of the emotional endgame and that is very much a part of where I’m headed. But I want to have the flexibility to change the practicals with the comic and I don’t want Robert to spoil the whole series for me."

So, if the showrunner of the show doesn’t want spoilers, we shouldn’t either.  I can’t imagine not wanting to be surprised by The Walking Dead comic book series or AMC television Show.  I’m betting that season 5 will provide us with many surprises on both shows, so be sure to check out the comics and tune in to The Walking Dead season 5 premiere this October.