Norman Reedus Disliked Hollywood Before The Walking Dead


Norman Reedus wasn’t always the happy-go-lucky guy that we see today.  Before he made it big on The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus didn’t quite like the way that Hollywood treated their actors.  He found himself depressed and wanting to turn away from the spotlight.

Recently Reedus talked to GQ Magazine about that situation in a interview for their most recent magazine.  He is also featured on the cover of the October issue.  Here is what he had to say about his shying away from Hollywood:

"“I had been in a few films where I thought we were going in this direction and then, after the editing and the music and it’s put together, it was sort of going in a different direction I didn’t feel so connected to. And there were a few films I had done that the advertising for the film or the promotions for the film ended up being a different animal than the film itself—so you have one character in the film that has one line, but he happens to be in a hit something somewhere, and the posters and the advertising and the publicity become about that. And I was kinda like: This isn’t really what I signed up for. Or actors I was working with, we weren’t on the same page. I wasn’t really in it for the fame or the money or anything like that. Before [becoming an actor], I kind of just wanted to paint and live somewhere and do something low-key and artistic. When you do a painting, or even photography or something like that, you can put it on the wall, and you can show it to a room full of people, and you can sort of stand over in the corner. But when you’re acting, you get criticized over your face and your body language and your voice and your haircut—all this weird shit. And that got larger and larger and larger while the art itself sort of got smaller and smaller and smaller. And I wasn’t really satisfied, to be honest.”"

Then, he found himself cast in The Walking Dead and something clicked for Norman Reedus.  He no longer wanted to live in seclusion and found himself enthralled in both his work and the media spotlight.

He was asked by GQ what helped make that change and here is now he answered:

"Just peace with myself. Sort of a quiet, happy life. I wasn’t really looking for anything other than being satisfied with what I’m doing every day, and being excited about what I’m doing every day. I really matured a lot in my mind and became a happier person in this job, because I really like this job, and I like the people I work with, and I like the environment I work in. I mean, I’m not saying that I don’t like the success of the job, but I really like going to work every day, and I really like coming home and feeling satisfied with what I did today. And you know, the cuts on my forehead, and the bruises, and the black eyes, it doesn’t matter; it’s awesome. I think that mentality has matured me a lot in the past couple years, you know? I care more about what I’m doing, too."

Personally, I’m glad that Norman Reedus didn’t decide to become a recluse artist living away from society.  He is one of the bright spots on The Walking Dead and has become possibly the most popular actor on the show.

For the rest of the fantastic GQ interview with Norman Reedus, click HERE.