Melissa McBride Spoke With EW About Walking Dead Season 5


Melissa McBride is one of my favorite parts of The Walking Dead.  Her work as Carol Peletier has always been riveting and emotionally draining.  She has dealt with an abusive relationship, the loss of her daughter, getting kicked out of the group, and having to take out a mentally unstable young girl who was hurting not only herself but everyone around her.

Recently Melissa McBride sat down with the folks at Entertainment Weekly for a great interview.  Here is my favorite question from the interview:

"I’m curious about Carol and her mental and emotional state as we’re going to see her in season 5 because she went through some serious stuff last season with the Karen situation, and Rick abandoning her, and then the whole Lizzie deal. How is she holding up after all that in terms of coming to terms with the person she has become? Melissa McBride accepting her Saturn Award. Image shared from the Warner Archive Twitter page.“I think she’s holding up pretty well considering how compounded these events were, one right after another since this whole thing started. The characters are adapting to that kind of world where you just can’t get a break. It’s interesting to see how they’re becoming someone new almost under the weight of this world. I don’t know how anyone could get through what she’s done and not be affected by it. It’s going to be great to see exactly how she is affected by it. Will she want to check out and go, “Oh this is too much for me,” or will love conquer all and caring for her group and continuing in this world to fight? I love the questions that this show brings. We fight so hard, holding out for something. What? What are they holding out for? Why? It’s so brutal. I love it.”"

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