The Walking Dead inspires Animal Planet series about zombie animals


The Walking Dead has proved to be a wildly influential series on AMC, but sometimes a lot of good can lead us down a road filled with some bad directions. That seems to be the case when it comes to Animal Planet, Hurricane Katrina and undead animals.

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According to Variety, this is really going to be a thing. Animal Planet has green-lit a series called The Other Dead that will see undead animals surviving storms or something.

"From creators Joshua Ortega (“Gears of War,” Spider-Man”) and Digger Mesch (“Agent 88,” “X-Men”) and IDW Publishing, “The Other Dead” is set in Louisiana during the ‘next Hurricane Katrina’ and revolves around a world of undead animals and unrelenting storms."

This displays a few different things. In the positive column, it shows that The Walking Dead is so influential that someone is making a television show about undead animals. It also shows that the wealth of comic book material out there is so deep that we haven’t even begun to mine the bottom of the barrel yet.

The source material is way out of left field and actually looks pretty awesome. Having not read the series, proper judgement can’t be passed there but from quick glances it looks like campy horror awesomeness.

On the negative side, this sounds really stupid because the ever edgy Animal Planet is producing it. The stupidity of the series has nothing to do with the concept of undead animals, which is actually pretty interesting. It just sounds so derivative of The Walking Dead that it’s not even funny.

We can’t judge before we see it, but this already sounds like a cash-in that may not last very long.

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