Walking Dead Season 5 Rumored Spoiler: Mary From Terminus


With the season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead only two days away, some spoilers from the first episode are already starting to leak online.

While some fans love spoilers so that they know what to watch for on their favorite shows, others don’t want any aspect of the show ruined for them at all.  For those that do enjoy a bit of spoiler in their Walking Dead coffee, this is for you.  For the rest, heed the warning below:



Okay, for those of you who are still reading, here’s the low down on the rumor mill:

In an article from Voice Of TV, they dropped a huge hint as to what will happen to the sweatered woman who mans the grill at Terminus, Mary.

In case you don’t remember Mary, she was the character who greeted Abraham, Glenn, and the rest of that group as they arrived at the sanctuary.  Mary’s  smile and offering of food and shelter made her look more creepy than polite, but she didn’t sit well with a lot of the fan base of The Walking Dead.

Here’s what Voice of TV had to say about Mary:

"“Also look forward to Carol unleashing her rage on Mary, the Terminus greeter with the creepy smile and suspicious barbeque.”"

According to the rumors, Carol will overhear the intentions of the Termites (residents of Terminus) and look to save the captured folks.  Carol will infiltrate Terminus and have an encounter with in the “shrine” room that is filled with personal items with candles and things written all over the walls.

Here’s what Voice Of TV went on to say:

"More from Carol PeletierThe Walking Dead: Melissa McBride – I feel like Carol has more story to tellDoes Carol die in The Walking Dead?Melissa McBride accomplishes Walking Dead trifecta in new spinoffWalking Dead: Daryl Dixon rumors: Melissa McBride joins cast of season 2The Walking Dead 5 times Carol Peletier saves the day“Also, remember the weird candle-lit room at Terminus? Carol will encounter a woman in that room who explains how they came to do certain things to survive. Carol chooses not to give her a merciful ending.”"

That woman in the above rumor is said to be Mary.

What do you guys think?  Would you be happy with this ending for Mary?  Do you think Carol would be doing the right thing leaving the woman to die?

We’ll find out more during the season 5 premiere of the Walking Dead when it airs on Sunday, October 12th on AMC.