The Walking Dead Sets Ratings Record with Season Premiere


The Walking Dead returned this past weekend to record ratings, which isn’t hardly surprising given the popularity of the show. But the insane ratings for the series upon its return is still very notable as it’s an absolutely insane number considering how competitive Sunday night is in television.

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According to Yahoo!, the Nielsen ratings were through the roof for the season premiere of the show as AMC notched over 17 million viewers for the episode.

"Nielsen estimates that an average audience of 17.3 million watched Sunday’s premiere, besting the show’s previous high — 16.11 million for its fourth-season premiere a year ago — by more than 1 million."

What this means is once again The Walking Dead is king of Sunday night. Not even the dominant NFL could contend with AMC and The Walking Dead this past weekend, which is a battle the show has been winning for years. Granted, it was a rather boring game to watch, but we didn’t find that out until later on.

The Walking Dead matches up with the beginning of the football game, meaning the most exciting part of the game was largely ignored by almost 20 million people. That’s massive for AMC and The Walking Dead and further validation for a series that is quickly becoming the flagship of the network.

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