Sneak Peeks: The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 – Strangers


If you’re a regular watcher of The Talking Dead, then you’ve probably already had the opportunity to watch the preview video for episode 2 of The Walking Dead’s fifth season.  However, if you haven’t seen it or hope to see it again, here is the video from the official AMC YouTube page:

Here’s a quick breakdown of what happens in the video:

The group is making their way through the woods as Sasha and Bob flirt back and forth.  The two exchange a kiss while Tyreese is seen smiling in the background.  Bob playfully asks Sasha for more kisses and the two lovebirds keep walking with the group.  Sasha then retreats to talk with her brother, Tyreese.  She coyly talks with him about her relationship with Bob.

Screams of “help” are heard in the distance.  Rick motions for the group to stop so they can observe the situation while Carl tells his did that they need to go help the man.  Rick hesitates for a moment, and then joins his son in running to help.

Then, the video ends.

However, folks that watched The Talking Dead or have sniffed out the sneak peek online already know who the person is yelling and the situation that he is in.  Here is the conclusion of that sneak peek.  (Sorry for the poor video and audio quality, the recording is not my own)

This video picks up right where the other left off.  Carl is telling Rick to go help the man before they both start running toward him.

We then see Father Gabriel on top of a rock surrounded by walkers.  Gabriel is kicking and screaming to get away and distance himself from the flesh eaters.  However, the walkers keep grabbing his leg but are unable to pull him down.

Big thanks to AMC’s official YouTube page and The Walking Dead And More 2 on YouTube for the videos.  I hope you all enjoyed them and they have whet your appetite for the second episode of season 5 on The Walking Dead.