Walking Dead Actor Laurie Holden (Andrea) took part in dangerous rescue mission

Walking Dead Actor Laurie Holden, who played Andrea on the show, took part in a dangerous mission to help save young children in Columbia’s sex trafficing trade per ABC News.

You can check out the video from ABC News.

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Laurie Holden is a freaking boss! Her role was to keep the girls occupied in the pools area before the trafficers got swooped in by undercover officers. She put herself in danger in order to save these girls in this sting.

She had to rock a wig in order to hide her identity. They didn’t want someone to recognize who she was and blow the whole sting up. Amazing work by Laurie and the other people involved to make this happen.

Holden is a real life hero and not just an action star on the television. She was hardcore on the show and showed that she will put herself in some potentially dangerous situations in order to save them from harm.

Now I wish that Andrea was still on the show, but if she was there she couldn’t be saving the world.

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