Andrew Lincoln: Rick Grimes Is ‘Clutching At Straws’


Andrew Lincoln is one of those guys that always seems like a fun interview.  For a cast and crew that doesn’t like to divulge any information or spoilers about The Walking Dead, Lincoln is one of the few that can give you a great answer and leave you thinking you just got a morsel of spoiler from him.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Andrew Lincoln was asked about the group’s eventual trip to Washington D.C.  The answer he gave did not give away the group’s destination, but instead cast a light on how Rick Grimes is dealing with finding a direction in the walker apocalypse.

Here is what Andrew Lincoln said:

"“As a leader of this group, I think Rick is clutching at straws. All the evidence so far has been pretty bleak for Rick. So there isn’t much to hold on to. Then he realizes, as a leader, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the horizon, and I think that’s what he’s looking towards. He’s a smart psychological reader, instinctively there. He f—ing needs to believe it. He needs something. We need to look forward and we need to get somewhere. We need some semblance of a beginning, and at least let’s get to Washington, let’s get there and see if there is anything, see if there is hope, see if there are pockets of something there. And I think that it’s not necessarily decided yet whether or not they’re going. So there are a few curveballs in that trail. Don’t think it’s a sure thing yet.”"

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There are actually a couple things we can draw from the quote from Andrew Lincoln.  It sounds as though hope is what is keeping Rick Grimes alive.  Sadly, it sounds like that hope isn’t coming from an external source and is instead manifested from within Rick’s soul.  From the quote, it also sounds as though Washington D.C. will be the group’s destination, but they will get sidetracked by several situations along the way.

As we’ve learned from The Walking Dead, nothing is ever smooth sailing.  And we should expect nothing different from the show’s fifth season.  At least it sounds like Andrew Lincoln has completely immersed himself in the world of Rick Grimes, and it looks like he’s going to bring us along for a bumpy ride.

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