Could We See Morales Back in The Walking Dead?


The Walking Dead Season 5 is off and rolling and there is a possibility that we could see a family make its return. Below is the Morales family that was last season in the first season. They had the option to go to the CDC, but instead they decided to head out to Birmingham AL to catch up with family.

We could see the return of the Morales on the show. Not sure if he is going to be with the whole family though. We are not even sure if he is going to be part of the Season 5 TV Series either. There just is speculation out there that he could make a return after he posted this tweet.

It is hashtagged Morales Lives on there! We could see him make a return on the show.

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There are other possibilities for Pareja as well though. There is a possibility that he could be casted for the spinoff show. They are doing casting for the show now and he could be one of the actors that will be part of the show.

The Walking Dead Season 5 has already brought back a former character from Season 1 with Morgan making an appearance. We are not sure if Morgan will make his appearance in Episode 2, but he did show his face at the end of the first episode.

This show has been good about bringing all characters back around. People usually don’t just leave without dying on this show. They all tend to show their face around again at some point.

Morales says he is NOT DEAD. Morales LIVES. When will we see him again then?

Not sure what to think about this one, but he could be back on the show. We will find out .

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