Wherever Rick Grimes Goes, Destruction Follows


Rick Grimes might just be one of the baddest men left on the planet, but the places that he goes always seem to end up a pile of rubble overrun by walkers.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the locations that he has left in shambles:

The Storefront in Atlanta

Glenn, Merle, and the rest of the Atlanta survivors seemed to have things pretty much locked down in Atlanta.  However, once Rick Grimes was saved by Glenn when he was trapped inside the tank, walkers were drawn to the storefront.  They pushed against the glass so hard that they got in and trashed the entire store, leaving the once safe location a deathtrap.

The RV Camp

I hesitate to even include this because any sanctuary with no walls is not a very good sanctuary.  Still, the place didn’t get torn to the ground with multiple casualties until Rick Grimes arrived.  The losses were severe and the campground was destroyed, forcing all the survivors there to hit the road and look for a better place to live.


To be fair, the CDC was going to self destruct after it was no longer able to sustain life anymore anyway.  But it wasn’t until Rick and his group arrived and partied there until it went up in a fiery blaze.  Loss of survivors was at a minimum in this location, but it still only served as a temporary resting place until it was no longer inhabitable.

Hershel’s Farm

The group at Hershel’s farm had a great thing going.  They were hunting for food, growing their own crops and doing things right.  A self-sustaining area was set up by the Greene family at the farmhouse.  Things seemed to be going pretty smoothly for Hershel and his family until Rick Grimes and his group came along. While the farmhouse wouldn’t have held the walkers off forever, things sure seemed to get bad quickly after Rick got there.

The Prison

Life was good at the prison for a long time.  They were growing crops, they had some pigs, and they had big, secure walls to keep walkers out.  Sadly, those walls weren’t as good at keeping people out as they were at keeping walkers at bay.  The prison was demolished by The Governor in a brutal attack that had many


While Rick and his crew weren’t there very long, they sure made a HUGE mess of the place.  They blew a hole in the side of the fence with a massive explosion and let what seemed like hundreds of walkers in the compound.  They massacred many of the folks that made Terminus their home and even wanted to go back and finish off the ones that managed to survive.  Needless to say, Terminus is no longer a safe haven for any survivors.

The only place that I believe Rick has went to and not left in a pile of rubble was Morgan’s home and deathtrap not too far from Woodbury.  Aside from that, not too many other places have survived the curse of Rick Grimes and the rest of his crew.  Hopefully, one of the newer locations will be left standing when the group moves on, but if history is any precursor, it is very doubtful that will happen.