The Walking Dead: Do Gareth & Bob Have A History?


If you read my reviews of the last two episodes of The Walking Dead, you would know that I’m suspicious about the relationship between Bob and Terminus leader Gareth.

Last week, I wrote about how awkward it was that Gareth knew Bob’s name in Terminus when a small group of survivors were kneeling down at the blood trough.  He didn’t seem to know any of the other characters’ names or situations, but instead was willing to listen to Bob when he called out to him in order to work out a compromise for release.

This week, it appears as though this was much more than just a small mistake or coincidence.

After Bob was knocked out and brought to The Hunters’ campsite, Gareth began monologuing about how there was irony in the fact that Bob was the one that was captured from the church camp.  He continued to talk to Bob like they had known each other from before the events at Terminus went down.  Here’s part of what Gareth told Bob at the campfire:

"“I told you. I said it.  Can’t go back, Bob. I just hope you understand that nothing happening to you now is personal. Yeah, you put us in a situation and it is almost kind of a cosmic justice for it to be you.”"

Why would it be cosmic justice for it to be Bob?  They can’t just be talking about when Bob was pleading for his life at the blood trough last episode.  There’s got to be something more substantial going on between these two to allow such dialogue.

I get even more suspect about this when I think about the conversation that Bob had with Rick on their way to the food bank.  Some of the things that were discussed make total sense when you put them in the context of what happened to Gareth and his family at Terminus.  Here’s part of what Bob told Rick during the trip:

"“When you said they don’t get to live, you weren’t wrong. We push ourselves and let things go. Then you let some more go. Then some more. And pretty soon there’s things we can’t get back. Things we couldn’t hold on to even if we tried.”"

Why would Bob be so quick to agree that killing all the Termites was a good idea?  Was he one of the folks stuck at Terminus with Gareth before they started ‘letting things go’ and becoming cannibals?  And if so, why would he willingly enter Terminus again?  Or is he just reacting in an extremely violent manner toward all the folks that were eating people in Terminus?

So what do you think?  Do Gareth and Bob have a history that we have yet to know about on The Walking Dead?  If so, do you think Bob was a part of Terminus that left when they started eating people?  Let me know what you think.