Did The Walking Dead Go Too Far By Making Bob Dinner?


The Walking Dead is one of the most violent shows on television but is there such a thing as crossing the line with a show that deals with zombies and the undead?

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That’s a question being begged after the second episode of the fifth season as Bob getting a limb eaten has both grossed fans out and made them question the shock value of the series.

Jeff Labreque from Entertainment Weekly opines that The Walking Dead has gone too far in the violence of the series and that the free pass the show gets for being about the undead is going to run out sooner rather than later.

"Where are we going with this? If cannibals are chewing on Bob’s tibia in episode 2, where will we be by the time the season finale rolls around? Where will we be in season 6? Where will we be by the time the show finally calls it quits? The Walking Dead boasts some of the most compelling, most complex characters on television, but for a show that relies more and more on shock value, the scariest thing to me is the knowledge that we’re nowhere near the end—or the bottom."

It’s hard to say that The Walking Dead relies too much on shock value than it does on other aspects of being a television show, but it’s an undeniable fact that the series is shocking. Is it gratuitous is the question, and so far everything that has been violent has served a purpose — even de-limbing and eating body parts of main characters.

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