The Walking Dead Rakes In Over 15 Million Viewers for Episode 2


The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television at the moment and that is being seen in the ratings for the show going through the roof for the first few episodes of the season.

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Already, the show is setting benchmarks for other series that air in the fall as the 17 million viewer premiere episode of the fifth season was something unprecedented in AMC history. The show is so popular that almost the same amount of people that tuned in for the season premiere missed out on NFL history by watching the second episode of The Walking Dead this season.

Per Deadline, The Walking Dead drew around 15 million viewers, which is down from last week but still impressive.

"Week-to-week, Walking Dead was down 12% in total viewers from October 12, which was what the series did in Week 2 of its fourth season last October 20. Written by Kirkman, last night’s “Strangers’ episode got a 7.7 rating in the key demo. That’s an 11% drop from last week’s premiere but still better than SNF’s 7.0 fast nationals rating and everything else on both broadcast and cable last night. If it holds, that’s two in a row for Walking Dead, though the SNF demo result could change when final numbers come in. Last week, SNF went from a 6.6 to its eventual 7.0."

The show is insanely popular and there is no denying that. Still, there are those who want to see the show do as well as it can and that’s where the number of viewers going down from last week comes back into play.

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