Walking Dead Spoiler: About The Car That Took Beth


On the latest episode of The Walking Dead, we saw a car speeding through the episode that Daryl and Carol see. Daryl says something like “they took Beth,” but further investigation shows that it is a different car. 

Carol was trying to charge up the car that they found on the side of the road in Episode 2 and Daryl found her as some walkers attacked her. As they were talking, a car speeds through on the road and it had the same symbol on it’s back windshield as the car that took Beth. Daryl recognized the car or at least he recognized the symbol on the back of the car and said that they took Beth.

Take a look at the images from Season 4 and then the new car on Season 5:

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Either the car got a major upgrade within a season or those are two different cars with the same symbol on the back on the windshield. Probably the latter. They have more than one car. What could that symbol mean?

Just watching through the previews, it looks like Beth ends up in some sort of hospital. The symbol on the back of the car of the windshield is a cross and could represent a hospital. A car used to carry people to the hospital.

Are they kidnapping people or are they looking to save people? Did they save Beth from the walkers or did they kidnap her?

We are getting closer and closer to finding out the story on Beth. Carol and Daryl are aware of the car driving around, but will they be able to catch up to them and figure out who these people are in Episode 3. Will they find their location? Will we find out what this whole hospital is about? Are they trying to find a cure for the virus or are they there to help humans that get hurt.

We do know that they have these cars and are picking up people. We just don’t know what they are doing just yet.

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