AMC Stock Evaluation Proves The Walking Dead Is A Powerful Show


The Walking Dead is one of the most popular show son television, but a recent break down of AMC stock shows just how powerful the series can be as well.

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As pointed out by Forbes reporter Dorothy Pomerantz, The Walking Dead is actually a lot more powerful than you think, even if AMC’s stock is trading lower than you’d expect.

"And while AMC owns The Walking Dead, it doesn’t own Breaking Bad. That show is owned by Sony . Mad Men is owned by Lionsgate. Nathanson estimates that AMC pays between $2 million and $3 million per episode to license these shows and then amortizes the costs over four years. An AMC produced show would likely cost $3 and $4 million per episode."

She also points out that the AMC umbrella contains more than just the one network, meaning The Walking Dead is carrying as many as three different channels despite airing on just one.

"It’s also worth noting that while AMC is super hot, it’s not the only network under the AMC Networks umbrella. AMC is 14th overall in terms of viewers in the most-coveted demographic (18-49) but WeTV ranks 39th, IFC ranks 58th and Sundance ranks 88th. There’s still a lot of growth needed at those other networks."

This all seems like a bunch of Wall Street mumbo jumbo, but it actually shows how huge The Walking Dead is. While Breaking Bad and Mad Men are iconic shows, AMC only owns The Walking Dead, meaning mostly all of the network’s revenue is coming from the one show.

If you thought The Walking Dead was just popular before, this demonstrates how powerful it is as well.

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