The Walking Dead ‘Four Walls and a Roof’ Stills Revealed (Photos)


The fifth season of The Walking Dead is diving right into the thick of things, as the events we’ve seen through just two episodes of the show are shocking fans and showing us that this season is going to be intense. Already the blood is flowing and the show is starting to get interesting — and tasty — in more than one way.

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Fans are patiently waiting for the third episode of the season and those fans are being treated to another tease before the episode premieres on Sunday night. AMC has released the first look at the new episode in the form of stills we didn’t see drop as part of the promo release earlier this week.

Check out these better looks at the new episode of The Walking Dead below:

Just like most teases we get from The Walking Dead, virtually nothing is spoiled but the series is definitely teasing some interesting things that will happen. Abraham is starting to become a fan favorite character and anything that happens with him is going to be big.

The same always goes for Rick and the gang, as fans of the series crave structure and at the rate the series drops characters, the survivors are characters that fans are attached to.

The Walking Dead premieres its third episode of the season this Sunday night at 9pm ET.

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