Michael Cudlitz Explains What It’s Like to Be Abraham


The Walking Dead is one of  the most popular shows on television and that has a lot to do with what the show has been able to do with its characters.

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While the show has lost plenty of characters over the five years it has been on the air, one thing that the series gets right is replacing old characters with intriguing new ones. Abraham falls under this category, as he’s a fascinating character that actor Michael Cudlitz apparently loves playing.

In an interview with AMCTV.com, Cudlitz gives insight into what it’s like to play Abraham on The Walking Dead.

"Describing what he thinks Abraham was like before the apocalypse began, Michael says, “I think he was the best guy ever. I think the better he was and the more loving and kind, the more horrific it is when he does what he does. That’s the fun part about it, playing those high emotions.”"

Abraham has quickly become one of our favorite characters on the show and what happens to him is something a lot of people are invested in.

Cudlitz also happens to be a fine actor that many viewers have been aware of for his entire career. This combination of familiarity works in favor of Abraham and gives him built in qualities that Cudlitz is clearly trying to give him.

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