Creator Robert Kirkman Puts An End To A Theory


Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has just put to rest a theory that Rick is still in a coma and that it ends with him actually waking up from the coma. 

Creator Robert Kirkman just put to rest a theory that some people had put together that could have ended the whole series in disappointing fashion. The very first show that aired had Rick waking up from a coma all alone and waking up to a world full of zombies. The theory was that this story would end finding out that he never really woke up and this whole thing was just a dream.

Kirkman got wind of the theory and put that all to rest! And thank God he did! Here is what he posted on his twitter account:

I love how he through in that little joke in his next tweet.

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I would have flipped over some tables if we found out that Rick just dreamed all that crap up. I seriously would have lost my mind and been disappointed. But we won’t be flipping tables any time soon.

Thank goodness we are going to go in another direction with the story. I wonder if he will kill Rick or Carl off before it all is over though. There is still so much to see happen and we don’t know if the TV Series will follow that comic series in the same manner. We already know the comics and TV show are a little off already, we might as well go with different ending for both of them as well.

Undead Readers, how do you all think that we will end the story of the Walking Dead? The story still has a ton to tell and this series can continue rolling for a while, but we still can put out predictions on how it will end.

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