Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 3 Rumored Spoilers


On Sunday, the third episode of The Walking Dead’s fifth season will air on AMC.  Lots of spoilers have circulated, so let’s take a quick look at them.



Here are some of the most notable things that are rumored to happen in the episode:

  1. There will be a disturbing opening scene.  No, it won’t be more devouring of Bob, but it will still be something that hooks you for the rest of the show.
  2. We find out early in the episode if Bob was bitten or not.  There is some debate online whether or not Bob was bitten in the food bank basement.  Did The Hunters eat some “tainted meat”?  We will get that answer soon in this episode.
  3. Abraham will get impatient that the group isn’t moving toward D.C.  Abraham wants to get moving.  He hopes to complete his mission of getting Eugene to to his destination.  However, Rick wants to put that trip on hold until the group finds the rest of their survivors.  A clash between those two will happen, leading to a survivor doing something desperate to calm them down.
  4. We will follow Daryl and Carol on their chase to get Beth back.  We’ll see a lot of the chase, but we won’t see Beth.  Instead, look for Beth’s story to be featured in season 5 episode 4 of The Walking Dead.
  5. The church will be put under attack by The Hunters.  This scene is said to be INTENSE.  Both sides have a lot to gain and a lot to lose from this battle, so just sit back and enjoy it when it happens.
  6. Michonne’s sword makes an appearance.  No word on whether or not Rick Grimes will make good on his promise to Gareth at the blood trough in Terminus, but we do know that we find out the sword’s location.  Michonne may say that she doesn’t miss the sword, but I know that I miss her having it.
  7. The walkers remind us that the only threat aren’t the humans.  Throughout the chaos of battling the other groups of survivors, the walkers have taken a back seat to the threat of other people.  After the attack on the church, we are treated to a scene to remind us just how deadly these zombies can be.
  8. Gareth spills a couple secrets.  He discusses who tastes the best among the humans and his ties to the folks at Terminus.
  9. A member of Rick’s group will die.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen a survivor die.  As a matter of fact, the last one, if I remember correctly, was in The Grove.  If the show follows the comics, then we have a good idea who the one to take the fall will be.
  10. We are treated to another “Crazy Rick” moment.  The internet absolutely exploded when Rick Grimes took a bite out of the neck of one of The Claimers last year.  While this scene isn’t rumored to match that kind of intensity, it’s still enough to make you take a step back and realize that this new version of Rick Grimes is a force not to be messed with.

And that is the spoilers from the third episode of The Walking Dead’s fifth season according to SpoilerTV.com.  Whether or not these are correct, we’ll find out soon.  But they have a pretty rabid following which leads me to believe that this is an accurate description of what happens during the show Sunday night on AMC.