Could Sasha Take Maggie’s Role From The Walking Dead Comics?


The Walking Dead’s television show has loosely followed the storyline from the comic book series since the show has begun.  However, real life circumstances might help change the way that the story goes for several characters.



In the comics, Dale is the one that underwent the butchering by The Hunters.  However, on the TV show, Bob is playing that role.  A relationship has formed between Bob and Sasha that is seemingly quite flirtatious and romantic in nature.  At this time, we have no way of knowing if their relationship has been sexual or not, but that’s something that could be easily added to the television storyline later.

Another relationship that exists in both the comics and the television show is that of Maggie and Glenn.  In the comics, Maggie discovers that she is pregnant by Glenn after they reach the Alexandria Safe-Zone.  Maggie and Glenn are then torn apart by the brutal killing of Glenn by Negan.

However, the fact that Sonequa Martin-Green (the person who plays Sasha) is actually pregnant in real life, it offers a unique opportunity to use her blessing as a part of the storyline.  You see, Sasha is more than likely going to lose Bob.  He is either going to die during the attack on the church or he is going to turn if he was bitten in the Food Bank basement.  She could be the one dealing with the loss of a loved one and having to manage with a child in the undead apocalypse.

It could provide AMC a way to build a bigger fan base for Sasha’s character and it most likely would have little to no effect on the popularity of Glenn and Maggie, since they are both already VERY popular characters.  Plus, instead of using Glenn for the death from Negan, they could use Sasha’s brother Tyreese.  That change wouldn’t alter the major emotional impact that the graphic novels offered.

Sure, AMC’s The Walking Dead could hide the pregnancy of Sasha and continue along with the Glenn/Maggie angle from the comics.  But then they’d be dealing with two shattered romantic relationships and two deaths of major characters on the show that were in them.

Do you think AMC will go forward with the storyline from the comic books or do you think they’ll alter this major storyline?  Let me know in the comments below.

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