The Walking Dead: Will Anyone’s Leg Get Eaten Tonight?


The Walking Dead comes back with the third episode of the season tonight, and the question on everyone’s mind is will we see more cannibalism?

Fans of The Walking Dead have been waiting for tonight’s new episode all week long, but there are some big questions we all have as we near the premiere. First and foremost, the question of if we’re going to see anyone’s leg get eaten again is on everyone’s mind.

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For a show that is all about the undead, body parts being eaten isn’t that big of a deal — normally. Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead saw out beloved Bob get his leg cannibalized in horrific fashion, which is an image that has stuck with fans all week long. So will someone else get eaten alive tonight as well?

That seems like a hard trick to pull off, but to really make stomachs turn, it would be great if the show opened up with the scene we left on last week with Bob’s leg getting eaten. It seems gimmicky to go back to the well right away, but the Bob incident is one of the more memorable moments in the show’s run, so hitting it one more time in a sort of hat-tip way would be hilarious.

After all, Halloween is right around the corner and getting one last look at Bob’s leg would be in the holiday spirit. As far as anyone else getting cannibalized, the lid seems to be off on that one and anything is possible now.

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