Walking Dead Spoilers: Who Is With Daryl?


The Walking Dead episode 503 ended with Daryl coming back to the church with a look of distraught on his face and Michonne finding him. She asks “Where is Carol?” and he  responds “Come on out.” Who is with Daryl? 

Who is with Daryl when he gets back to the church? Is it Carol? Is it Beth? Is it both of them? Is it Morgan?

There are a number of theories that are out there, but if you are not in the mood for SPOILERS, then you might want to stop reading right now. Just go…. but the title already mentioned that there is a spoiler here, so I assume you wanted this info.

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First, it is not Morgan that is with Daryl. If you look at the sign that Morgan passes across that Rick had crossed off, you will notice that the shrubbery had been overgrown and that the dirt had been on that sign for some time. Morgan is a few months behind the group.

it can’t be a kidnapper, because Daryl still has his crossbow in his hands. If a kidnapper were to take him, I am sure that they would have taken that away from him.

There are rumors that Carol is taken into the hospital after getting hit by a car  with a cross on it. That would leave both Carol and Beth at the hospital. The previews seem to be going into the past and showing what happened when Beth first arrived in the hospital.

Signs seem to be pointing to a new character being brought to the church.

Looking into some of the casting for this season, we will meet Noah soon. Noah is played by actor Tyler James Williams from Everyone Loves Raymond. If you look at some of the trailers for this season, you will notice that Noah is in a hospital gown just like Beth and he was in the hospital.

The rumor is that he was able to escape from this hospital and is with Daryl. Why would Daryl bring him back with him? Because Noah knows how to get back to the hospital and will be able to tell them what is happening there. That leads to a showdown of Rick and the group with the people in this hospital.

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