Sasha Wearing Bob’s Jacket at end of Episode 503


At the end of the episode 503 of the Walking Dead, we noticed that Sasha was wearing Bob’s jacket. Could she be taking on the role of another character in the comic series? 

At the end of the episode 503, Sasha was seen wearing Bob’s jacket. Bob was on his death bed and Tyreese put him down before he could turn into a walker and Sasha made sure to take his jacket as a memory of Bob.

There was a similar situation that replayed in the comic books, could Sasha be taking on the role of another character in the comic book series?

Here is a photo showing Sasha with the jacket:


In the comic series, the scene of Dale getting eaten by cannibals and then getting left out in front of the church played out and Bob was used in replacement for Dale. Dale was also left on his death bed and was left alone with his girlfriend Andrea. Those roles have been taken by Bob and Sasha in the TV Series.

How much further will Sasha go into the role of comic book Andrea?

In the comics, Andrea took Dale’s hat and wore it around to remember him. In the TV series, Sasha has taken Bob’s jacket. Sasha still is in that character of Andrea by taking a piece of clothing to remember him. Bob didn’t wear a hat around, so she had to take something else.

Andrea strikes up a relationship with Rick and eventually becomes his girlfriend in the comics. Could we see that play out in the TV Series? Will Sasha become Rick’s girlfriend on the show?

We should keep our eyes on those two and how they interact with each other. They could be using Sasha to to fill the role of Andrea for the rest of the TV series. There are so many other things that we could talk about comic book Andrea, but this piece is one story that could play out.

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