The Talking Dead Guests: Season 5 Episode 4


For many viewers of The Walking Dead, it is just logical to stay tuned after the program for AMC’s The Talking Dead.

The Talking Dead is a recap show that discusses the events of the most recent episode of The Walking Dead.  It is usually done in a humorous and lighthearted way, but still asks a lot of the questions that fans have after the credits roll.  For me, it has become a tradition to watch The Talking Dead immediately after The Walking Dead.

The Talking Dead also has high profile guests.  Their guests usually are well known comedians and celebrities, or even those who have worked on the show itself.

Here are the guests scheduled to appear on The Talking Dead immediately after Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead:

Emily Kinney

  • While Emily Kinney is best known for her role as Beth on The Walking Dead, she also has a blossoming music career and a pretty impressive acting resume.  She has had some time on big shows like The Big C and two stints on Law & Order episodes.  Having Emily Kinney on the program will be huge this week, since Slabtown is an episode that is set to focus on what is going on with Beth in that crazy hospital.

Ana Gasteyer

  • Ana Gasteyer is famous for her work as a former cast member of Saturday Night Live.  However, after her exit from SNL, she found work on several high profile television shows, such as The Good Wife and Suburgatory.  Miss Gasteyer should provide some fun comic relief as a guest on the program.

John Barrowman

  • If you’re like me, you know John Barrowman from playing Captain Jack on Doctor Who.  If, however, you aren’t much of a Whovian, you still might recognize him for his role as Patrick on Desperate Housewives or Malcolm on Arrrow.  Barrowman is a true television personality and should be able to interject both seriousness and humor into the conversations when necessary.

This looks to be a great and fun show.  The blend of guests should provide a fun atmosphere that is refreshing when talking about a show as serious as The Walking Dead.  Don’t miss The Talking Dead, immediately after The Walking Dead, live Sunday nights on AMC.