Who ISN’T In The Woods With Daryl on The Walking Dead?


At the end of last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, we were left with a cliffhanger.  Michonne went to go check on a noise in the woods that turned out to be Daryl Dixon.  Daryl told someone to “come on out” after he knew it was safe.

Ever since that moment, the internet has been going crazy trying to figure out who is in the woods with Daryl.  However, a better question would be, who CAN’T it be there.

Let’s take a look at some of the people that we can logically remove from the equation:


There’s no way that it’s Carol in the woods.  Not only would she not hide behind Daryl, but she wouldn’t have came back without Beth, Daryl, and probably a bunch of supplies.  I know, I might be overemphasizing how much of a badass Carol is, but knowing how she just has no fear anymore makes her a terrible candidate to need coaxing to come out and show herself.  Odds are that something happened to her and she was unable to return with Daryl.


It’s just WAY too soon for Aaron.  While I do believe that the group will eventually end up at the Alexandria Safe-Zone this season, it’s far too soon to bring Aaron into the mix.  Aaron’s job with the ASZ community in the graphic novels is to find skilled and capable survivors and bring them to the zone in order to improve the community.  I don’t think we’ll see Aaron until after the mess at the hospital regarding Beth is resolved.


Okay, there’s a small chance it could be Beth.  She would be scared enough after the events at the hospital to want to hide in the bushes and be as safe as possible until she returned to the group.  But even then, trading Carol for Beth would outrage a pretty good percentage of the fan base.  Beth’s storyline inside the hospital could be done with flashbacks, leading to it being her in the woods, but that just seems way too cutesy for The Walking Dead.


Let me just say, that I don’t think there’s any way it’s Morgan.  He is too strong of an individual to be spoken to the way that the figure in the bushes is by Daryl.  Not only that, but Daryl and Morgan would not know each other, adding a strange trust factor where there shouldn’t be any.  Still, it seems as though Morgan is quite a distance behind Rick and the gang according to the scenes that we’ve seen.  Morgan was included in the scene after the season 5 episode 1 credits as a teaser for future episodes.  And we’ll be waiting a lot longer before we can see Rick and Morgan together again.

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With those characters eliminated, it almost ensures that the character in the woods will be a new one.  This is a great opportunity to introduce a character from the hospital or at least knows what the hospital is, to act as a guide for the rest of the remaining survivors at the church.  That means that I believe that the group will now be searching for Beth and Carol when they leave to take on the folks at the hospital.  And that makes things a whole lot more interesting for the upcoming episodes.