Walking Dead Episode 504 Slabtown Recap


The Walking Dead Episode 504 Slabtown featured Beth and her situation in the hospital. 

Beth wakes up in a hospital and doesn’t know where she is. She bangs on the door looking to get out of the hospital room and a doctor and police officer open the door and let her know where she is. She fractured her wrist and they saved her from some walkers. After they told her that, they said “YOU OWE US.”

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In order to get rid of corpses, they toss them down the elevator chute.

Police officer Gorman says that he is the one that found Beth and saved her from the walkers. The  he tells her this: “When someone does you a favor, it is a courtesy to show them your appreciation”

The doc and Beth were starting to get to know each other when another patient came through. This patient had fallen from the first floor of a building while trying to get away from walkers. The doc said that it would be a waste of resources, but officer Dawn wanted to work on saving this one.

The doc attempted, but said that he doesn’t have the tool to save him since he has internal bleeding. After the officer Dawn heard  that she slapped Beth across the face and said this to the doc: “Try and grasp the stakes here.”

They brought in another patient into the hospital that had been bitten in the arm. Officer Dawn said that she had two options, either you cut off your arm or we will. They ended up cutting off her arm without any meds. Beth had to hold her down while they sawed her arm off.

Noah shared his thoughts with Beth as  they were doing laundry. He says that he will be out of there as soon as he gets the chance. He says that Officer Dawn is the one that runs the show. Noah says that they tend to keep the weak and will let the strong die off.

Officer Dawn has a sit down with Beth to tell her how things are run in this hospital. People have to work off what they owe. People have to eat and people have to pay it off.

Creepy Officer Gorman found Beth’s lollipop and shoved it in her mouth trying to make a pass at her. The doc came in and was able to save her from the creepy cop. Beth asked the doc why he even stayed around and he showed her the first floor where there were some walkers .

Beth gave a patient the wrong meds and ended up killing him. Officer Dawn came in and asked what happened and Noah took the fall for her mistake. He then was disciplined for his mistake, even though Dawn knew that Beth messed up.

Noah and Beth plan on a way to get out of the hospital and involved Beth sneaking into Dawn’s office to find a key. She was able to find a key, but officer Gorman caught her and he tried to push up on her again. this time he even copped a feel. What he didn’t know was that the patient that had cut her arm off had committed suicide in that room and was turning. Beth noticed that she was turning and took a jar of lollipop and smashed it over Gorman’s head. Gorman then dropped to the floor where the suicide walker took a healthy bite out of Gorman’s neck. As he was getting munched on, Beth took his gun and peaced out of there.

Beth and Noah were able to get down the elevator shaft and Beth showed us how much she has grown with dealing with walkers. Noah wasn’t in the best shape to run, so Beth needed to clear the path for him to get out. She used Gorman’s gun to take out walker after walker and Noah was able to slide through the fence to get to the outside, but Beth was not able to get out. She was captured by some of the officers instead.

We find out that the patient that Beth gave the “wrong” meds to was also a doctor. Beth calls out the doc for telling her to give him the wrong meds. The doc wanted to make sure that he is the only doc, because there would be no use for him if there were another doc around.

At the end of the episode, we see Carol come through on a stretcher into the hospital. We found Carol… so who is with Daryl?!