Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 4 Slabtown Advanced Preview


Spoiler TV has the inside scoop on what will be happening in this episode. If you do not want any spoilers, then just step away real quick before you see the notes below.

Spoiler TV has got the information on what is happening in this episode. First off, how do they get all this access? I want some of this access and the ability to leak some of this information out.

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Let’s go over some of those notes that they were able to share.

"– Beth will wake up in a new place : a hospital facility. It looks like a great place to survive, the better place I’ve seen since Hershel’s farm I think. But like back at Woodsbury or in Terminus, there is always a price to pay for safety. The new place is run on a special concept, I can understand it but I totally disagree with it. They’re not cannibals, but they’re not far from Terminus’s ideology in a way."

Beth wakes up in a hospital and it looks like a great place to survive, but we know that looks can be deceiving in this show. We saw what Terminus was like. That looked like a spot that people could stay at for a while, then we found out that they just wanted to bring people over for dinner.

"– A disgusting amputation, done without anesthetic, and not in the dark like Rick did on the boy with Hershel. It’s very bloody."

Another amputation is going to happen on this show and we are going to want to close our eyes during this thing. What is going to get cut off on this episode? There are a number of scenes that were leaked that show Beth with a cast on her hand. Did they cut off Beth’s hand? Is it with any of the characters that we know?

"– If you think Beth would be mentioning her sister, well you’re wrong. She won’t talk about Maggie, and there won’t be any signs she’s thinking about her. What’s wrong between them ? Is there something between them ? It’s like they’re forget they were sisters.I don’t know if I would be talking about my brother or sister in the situation that she is in. She doesn’t know anyone that she is with and she doesn’t even know if her sister is alive."

If you were in the situation that Beth was in, would you really be talking about your family to a bunch of strangers? I wouldn’t be talking about everything in my life to all kinds of random people.

"– Tyler James Williams will make his first appearance in that episode, playing Noah. His character is very interesting and looks promising. He will become Beth’s friend in that place, the girl needs at least one ally in there. Their dynamic is very enjoyable, – Among Noah, new characters of that place will be introduced : a female officer, a male officer, another “patient” as Beth and a male doctor. One of them is very, very creepy and dangerous."

Tyler James Williams, from Everyone Loves Raymond, will make his appearance in this episode and we will learn about his dynamic in the show. He will be Beth’s friend though. At least we know he will be one of the good guys on the show. Who is going to be the bad guy though? One of the new characters is creepy!

"– The very first scene is disturbing, but not in a horror way. It’s just so weird, it’s so different from what we usually see on The Walking Dead, I didn’t think it was real at first"

How can The Walking Dead make anything more disturbing than they have already been?  If it is really disturbing for the Walking Dead, then we need to get ourselves worked up from the jump.

"– The people in that place have found a funny way to deal with corpses, IMO."

A funny way of dealing with corpses? So they don’t bury them or store them in a safe or save their heads in jars or burn them. What could the new way be? Maybe they keep them in a freezer so that they can find a cure to their madness. Don’ t know what that would be funny though.

"– One of the last scenes of the episode will become my (and yours too I’m sure) favorite Beth moment ever on The Walking Dead."

So Beth is going to get naked? Just had to put that out there. She is going to beat up on some dude in the hospital? She is going to become Carol as far as her badass-ness?

"– Another main character will appear at the very end of the episode !"

Will Daryl make his appearance in this episode? I have a good feeling on this part, but won’t spoil who will show up in this episode. There has been some spoilers already talking about a certain situation happening and someone else showing up in the hospital. I wonder if they are talking about that scene.