The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 4: Watch ‘Slabtown’ Online


The Walking Dead left us breathless last week and on the edge of our seats, but this week’s new episode called ‘Slabtown’ looks like it’s going to pack an even bigger punch. 

Last week we saw the end of Bob, the return of Michonne‘s katana sword and the brutal death of Gareth. All of that seems to be leading into this week’s new episode, at least in terms of the sheer intensity of what is in store. The episode is titled, ‘Slabtown’ and seems as though it’s going to feature the storyline involving Carol and Beth wit the two paths crossing at some point over the course of the night.

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There are a lot of questions we all have about what is next for the show but things appear as though they’re going to get very dark very fast for both Beth and Carol. Specifically, we haven’t seen a whole lot of positivity out of Beth to begin with up to this point, which means there probably isn’t a whole lot of happiness in her future.

Here’s a look at the synopsis for tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead:

"Beth finds herself in a hospital in the middle of Atlanta after being kidnapped by a car with a white cross."

If you can’t catch the episode live when it airs, there are other ways to get your fix of The Walking Dead. Amazon Prime makes the episode available the following day for purchase, as well as AMCTV. Here’s all the information you need to know in order to catch tonight’s new episode of The Walking Dead whether you want to catch it live when it airs or afterwords.

Date: Sunday, November 1, 2014
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. EST
Episode Name: Slabtown
TV Info: AMC
Live Stream: You can watch the latest episodes online at and Amazon Instant Video.

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