The Walking Dead’s Season 5 Trailer Fooled Us All


Do you remember how excited you were about season 5 of The Walking Dead after seeing the trailer that was released at San Diego Comic Con?  Well, it was a lie.

From watching the video, you were given the impression that Gareth would survive the first three episodes and that he would accompany the group on their trip to Washington D.C.  Now that we’ve seen the first three episodes of The Walking Dead, we know that Gareth is no longer a living character.  The main reason that this impression was given was the Comic Con trailer itself.

Here is the San Diego Comic Con trailer for The Walking Dead’s fifth season in case you forgot what happens:

This trailer was edited in a way that completely misled fans of The Walking Dead.  Here’s how they did it according to The Walker Stalkers Podcast:

When filming for the early episodes, the crew had the actors take part in a couple small scenes that weren’t going to be included in the final versions of The Walking Dead when it aired on AMC.  Those scenes were then chopped into the actual footage when the trailer was made.  Here are a couple examples of this.

First, in the trailer, when Gareth is talking to Rick and Bob at the blood trough, they have a HUGE hole of silence after Bob tells Gareth about the trip to Washington D.C. in order to cure this thing.  This leads viewers to believe that Gareth was actually considering sparing them in exchange for more information about this “cure”.

Next, in a scene around the fire pit where we now know that The Hunters were eating tainted meat, Gareth is seen delivering a really odd line.  In this part of the trailer, he says “You all have a choice. All of you. You join us and we go to Washington and cure this thing.”  We now know that this line isn’t part of the conversation in the show that aired on AMC.  A brilliant addition to throw off rabid fanboys (like me).  Instead, it is dialogue that was edited from Gareth’s monologue to Bob at the campfire.

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After that, there is a conversation in the church and Abraham is talking about the living getting the world back from the dead.  After he delivers this line, the scene quickly shifts to Gareth nodding next to the fire, as if he were a part of the conversation with the people at the church.  It was an excellent job of editing to make it appear as though Gareth was part of the group at the church.

Finally, in the trailer, we get another misdirection where Rick is talking to his son Carl about someone that he doesn’t trust.  Then, they quickly show Gareth in the middle of the conversation.  We now know that they were talking about Father Gabriel, but it was created to make it appear as though the discussion was about Gareth.

Bravo to The Walking Dead on a beautiful edit this content throw off the fans, yet make an entertaining trailer for season 5.  It’s small things like this that help make The Walking Dead one of the best and most interesting shows on television.

Were you fooled by the misdirection in The Walking Dead’s season 5 San Diego Comic Con Trailer?  Discuss it in the comments below.