Is Beth Turning Into The New Carol?


The Walking Dead has a way of passing the torch from character to character, and it seems that Beth may be in line to inherit some of Carol’s reign over the series. 

On The Walking Dead this past week, we saw Beth grow as a character more than we ever have before and it was really great to see for a number of different reasons. What ‘Slabtown’ has us all wondering though, is what the future for Beth holds. A lot happened to her, but it’s hard to deny that she grew into a stronger character on Sunday night.

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There is a theory that she could just go crazy and snap under everything that has happened, which would be very disappointing to see. It’s a possibility though, as this world of the zombie apocalypse isn’t cut out for everyone.

Another theory is that Beth will get stronger as a character and turn into a Carol type of leader. Beth doesn’t even need to really turn into a leader, but if she can channel her inner Carol and continue to grow as a character by cutting herself out of the same cloth as Carol, then that’s a huge win.

Of course, the rumors that Beth will die in the midseason finale is really bumming everyone out, but the bottom line is Beth seems to have a bright future ahead of her on the show and her rise is fascinating to watch.

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