The Walking Dead Eats NFL Alive In Sunday Ratings


The NFL may be the most popular sport in the country, but it has nothing on The Walking Dead, which ate the show alive for a second time this year. 

The Walking Dead remains one of the most popular shows on television, but understanding just how popular it is will blow your mind. The NFL and The Walking Dead are forever linked thanks to the timeslot they share each week, but it’s been a proverbial blowout when it comes to which show is being watched more while it’s on.

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According to Deadline, the AMC series once again ate the NFL alive in the ratings game, pulling in key demographics and a whole bunch of other stuff no one understands.

"Four weeks into Season 5 of The Walking Dead, we learned last night what happened to Beth. We also learned that the blockbuster AMC series has once again scored over the usually unbeatable Sunday Night Football from NBC and the NFL. Among adults 18-49, the zombie apocalypse show got a 7.6 rating. That’s a very strong 24% better than the 6.1 that SNF’s Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens 43-23 game pulled in."

You don’t have to understand how television ratings work to get excited about The Walking Dead doing so well. All you need to know is the likes of Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers are no match for Beth, Rick and The Walking Dead.

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