Will Beth Turn Into a Crazy Person On The Walking Dead?


The Walking Dead threw a Beth-centered episode at us this week that saw her mature as a character, but is she going to lose her wits anyways?

Thanks to this week’s episode focusing rather heavily on Beth, many fans have started to become more and more attached to her. Where she was just growing in season four — before she disappeared — Beth came into her own on Sunday night and it was really great to see. The next question is, will what she saw make her turn into a crazy person or will it harden her into an even stronger one.

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If she goes crazy, it wouldn’t be the first time a character went a little nuts thanks to their setting. After all, the setting of the show is a zombie apocalypse, so people are allowed to go a little crazy sometimes.

But there are varying degrees of crazy on The Walking Dead and Beth seems to be flirting with the craziest of them all. She was ready to kill on Sunday night after hearing just how insane the hospital that she is trapped in can be, but then Carol was wheeled in and everything changed.

Beth is a character we cared about before but really care about now. Anything at all that happens to her is going to affect us, and her sanity is of the utmost concern to fans at the moment.

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