It’s Not Creepy To Have a Crush On Beth Greene, Kind Of


The Walking Dead featured a Beth-centered episode this past week, and some of us found ourselves feeling a little dirty for thinking she’s hot — but it’s okay guys. 

One thing that The Walking Dead has done well is to nail the casting of the show in terms of talent. We’ve seen that numerous times before with the likes of Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun. What they all have in common in addition to being extremely fine actors is they’re extremely fine, physically speaking.

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The subject of The Walking Dead eye candy is relevant in that Beth has turned a lot of heads for her looks lately, but that’s been something conflicting fans of the show. After all, Beth is a high school student when the series begins and she’s introduced — which is something that makes everyone who thinks she’s good looking feel a little pervy.

But fear not — if you found yourself attracted to Beth in this past week’s episode you’re all good. There is no need to feel dirty for having the hots for Beth, at least not anymore, as she’s of an age in the series for it to be okay for everyone to acknowledge she’s good looking.

In addition to that, Emily Kinney — the actress who plays her — is 29 years old which makes it more than okay to have the hots for Beth.

Then again, everyone thinking she’s good looking found out that she’s a strong female character as well, which means if we don’t feel pervy for fawning over her looks, we have all been exposed as misogynistic at best.

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