Talking Dead Guests: Episode 505 – Self Help


The current lineup of guests on this week’s episode of Talking Dead is amazing.  Three of the most important figures in Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled Self Help, will be on the couch to discuss the events of the show.

This week’s episode looks to feature the group headed to Washington D.C. in order to find a cure for the walker apocalypse.  More importantly, we should learn a lot more about some of the characters that we don’t know much about in Self Help.

Here is the current lineup of guests:

Michael Cudlitz

  • Michael Cudlitz is best known for playing the character Abraham Ford on The Walking Dead.  This week’s episode of the show will tell the backstory of Abraham and show some of the group’s travels toward Washington D.C.  With how emotionally intense Abraham’s back story is, Michael Cudlitz should be able to provide some great insight into the filming of the scenes and their levels of intensity.

Josh McDermitt

  • As Dr. Eugene Porter on The Walking Dead, Josh McDermitt has interested fans of The Walking Dead with his “classified” information and unique hairstyle.  Eugene is the reason why the group is headed toward Washington D.C.  He claims that if he can get to Washington that he can create a biological weapon to eliminate the walkers.  McDermitt also has a history of stand up comedy, documented by his stint on Last Comic Standing, which should help him add some humor to the show.

Gale Anne Hurd

  • Gale Anne Hurd is the Executive Producer of The Walking Dead.  She has an extensive history in television and movies, including major credits is blockbusters like The Terminator series, Aliens, and several comic book adaptations.  Her insights into the production of The Walking Dead and details of filming will be interesting to hear about.  She should be a valuable guest to have on the couch.

This looks to be a cant-miss episode of Talking Dead.  The lineup of Cudlitz, McDermitt, and Hurd will be a great group to discuss this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled Self Help.  Talking Dead airs immediately following The Walking Dead, Sundays on AMC.

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