The Walking Dead: Does Eugene Know What He Is Talking About?

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The next episode of The Walking Dead is going to feature Abraham and the group headed out to Washington DC and the main reason for this mission is get Eugene out there so that he can meet up with some people so that they can put an end to all of this madness. He was first asked about his “classified” information as he was sitting in the box car in Terminus and he spat off some answer that nobody answered, but it was enough to keep them all quiet for some time.

As they are headed out to DC, Maggie and Glenn have more questions for Eugene on what his plans are and how long it will take everything to take into effect. He shoots off more answers for them.

You can check out the clip right here:

Does Eugene know what he is talking about? It was a question that was brought up in Terminus and is a question that has to be brought up again since we will be watching this group make their route to DC. When they get to DC, will he be able to end it all? Will he be able to kill off all of these walkers?

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