Tyreese Could Be In Major Trouble Soon On The Walking Dead


This season of The Walking Dead has introduced us to a more passive version of Tyreese.  He has shown a lot of compassion for people (and walkers) that didn’t seemingly deserve to be treated with kindness.  His “hands-off” approach to the walker apocalypse has already came with some big repercussions, including allowing one of the Hunters to escape his capture and not being able to take out walkers on the path to Terminus.

If things don’t change quickly for Tyreese, his passive nature may be a big contributing factor in the character possibly getting a major injury or worse.

In a recent post from The Spoiling Dead Fans, they described a situation in which a bloodied Tyreese was seen during filming being helped walking out of a bad situation by Rick and Glenn.  While this in no way means that Tyreese is going to be dying or infected any time soon on the show, it does mean that Tyreese will most likely be involved in a struggle where he doesn’t have control.

On a personal note, Tyreese is one of my favorite characters on the show.  I love that he maintains some kind of human nature and doesn’t see destruction and death as the answers for everything in the world of The Walking Dead.  While that is very admirable, it’s not always good to try to take the high road when so many others aren’t on the same level of morality.

This scene will most likely not air on AMC’s The Walking Dead for a while, since it was something that The Spoiling Dead spotted during during filming about two weeks ago.  Still, it is something to be nervous about if you’re a fan of Tyreese on The Walking Dead.

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