Understanding The Popularity Of The Walking Dead


I don’t think anyone could have predicted The Walking Dead’s popularity would reach the level that it has.  The idea that a television show based on an action comic book would have the following that it has to have television executives and rating experts scratching their heads and trying to recreate the success.

There’s a reason why several shows are trying to recreate the magic that The Walking Dead has achieved.  A loyal following and big ratings numbers can be a huge turnaround for a television station and can help influence other potential big shows to join the channel’s lineup.

The Walking Dead is one of those juggernauts.

Here are just some of the things encompassed in The Walking Dead’s brand:

  • The hit show on AMC
  • Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels
  • Telltale’s video game series
  • A series of books
  • Action figures
  • Trading cards
  • Clothes and other merchandise

The Walking Dead’s success can be measured in many ways.  First of all, the social media presence of the show is incredible.  On Facebook, the official page for The Walking Dead has over 31.7 MILLION likes.  Their Twitter account is just as crazy, with approximately 2.9 million followers.

But the biggest measure of The Walking Dead’s success has the be the show’s ratings.  Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead (Season 5 Episode 4: Slabtown) absolutely dominated the ratings.  Slabtown brought in 14.5 million viewers, winning the valuable ratings race in the 18-49 year old demographic.

With the companion series coming for The Walking Dead, the team could dominate even more of the ratings.  Right now, the only question is if The Walking Dead can continue to beat the competition in the future.  But considering the high quality of the show, the faithful followers, and dedication on social media, it appears as though the show could be a powerhouse for a very long time.

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