Walking Dead: We Are Missing A True Villain


One of our Undead Readers shared their thoughts on the recent episode of the Walking Dead, but I didn’t have the best answer for him, so I wanted to see the opinions from everyone else on the comment.

Check out the comment from NOYFB:

"I want to bring up something that either I’m missing on these forums or hasn’t been addressed yet.More from OpinionThe Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season 1 episodes rankedWalking Dead: New Best Friends + Rick vs. WinslowWalking Dead: Daryl Dixon – Wild theory on how Carol arrives in FranceThe Walking Dead theory season 1 didn’t introduce variant walkersUnpopular opinion, The Walking Dead spinoffs shouldn’t mergeWhen they brought the girl into the hospital who had escaped and was bitten on the arm, she said prior to having her arm removed “I won’t go back there, You can’t make me go back there” To which Dawn said, “You don’t have to.” This begs the question, back to where? She’s already back at the hospital, so that doesn’t make sense. She has to be referring to somewhere else.In addition I think she is referring to another place we have not seen yet, the place (or group) they are taking these girls once they are healthy and rehabilitated. She later says “Dawn thinks she can control them, but she can’t” Control whom? The other cops? Doubtful, I think shes talking about controlling an outside group, or appeasing them with the girls they are giving them.We are missing a true villain at this point in the show, and Dawn is not suitable for the role. She also uses another line when talking to Beth, “the greater good” this is used to justify moral travesties, doing something you are not comfortable with, but must do to help all survive. So if you were handing girls over to a group of people so you could help your own survive and continue to help others survive, this is consistent with a “greater good”.So to sum it up, I think Dawn’s outfit is working on behalf of the true villain, finding, collecting and handing over healthy young girls for nefarious purposes. After all if they have been doing t his for some time, as it would appear, and the hospital is mostly empty, just a few patients and enough cops to keep them in line. Where are all the healthy patients going? Beth asks Noah if she can leave once shes “paid up” and he says he “hasn’t seen it work like that yet”As for the cops, you also have to ask why they would continue to wear the cop uniforms this late into the apocalypse. The reason would be to portray a sense of authority and not instill fear in the patients. Police have a stigma that they are public servants, people dressed otherwise would inspire fear and doubt. So to keep order and calm they play a role.OK let me have it. I might be way off base having not read the comics, but this is just my guesses."

What true villain could be behind the scenes at this point? NOYFB brought up some very nice points and it all could be a clue on someone else showing up very soon to be the villain.

Without reading the comments, I believe that NOYFB did a great job of elaborating the scene. This portion is not in the books, but there is a true villain that should be arriving soon .

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