How Far Will AMC Push The Censors On Tonight’s Episode?


Let’s be absolutely honest, if tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead follows along with the comic book, there’s almost no chance it would air on AMC.  While they have surprised me in the past, including Carl’s near rape from “The Claimers” and the killing of Lizzie and Mika, this episode looks to contain several things that just aren’t able to be aired.



There are a couple things from this week’s episode of The Walking Dead that would have a VERY difficult getting past the censors if they follow along with the comic book series.  Here are just a few of them.

First of all, in a flashback, Abraham’s family is hiding out at a grocery store when he decides to go on a supply run.  When he returns, he finds that his wife and daughter have both been brutally raped and the assailants have forced his son to watch the whole thing.  While rape scenes are touchy enough as it is, to involve two of them and the involvement of the son should be WAY too much for the censors to allow.

Next, Abraham completely flips out.  He begins pummelling the men that did this until they die.  Abraham’s family gets scared of his actions, and slip away in the middle of the night.

Finally, there is a very emotional couple panels in the comic books where Abraham goes out looking for his family after they run away.  He finds the half eaten bodies of his wife and son as well as a zombified version of his daughter.  He has to kill the walker version of his daughter while realizing that he has lost everyone close to him.

How far will the censors allow AMC to go during this episode of The Walking Dead?  And if it is censored, how much of the impact will be lost by not including the powerful scenes.

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